All in a Day's Work

Raiding a Son-of-Ether Lab

Amalgam's First Contact with Jade Crystal

Date: July 17 10:30PM to 3:00AM
Mission: Infiltrate and secure lab.
Amalgam: CC-17 (4 Operatives)

Overall Performance:
Infiltration successful as the team gained access to the facility undercover and subdued 2 Sons-of-Ether superstitionists, having captured one Enlightened female for debriefing back at Construct. Wounded Enlightened male, who managed to scape.
Encountered and successfully banished translocated Chelan Tar Entity.
Successfully secured lab and apparatuses for Union examination and classification.

Void Engineer – Reality Readjustment (Paradox Backlash) after numerous Ruptures of Space-Continum Barrier. Review of methods and procedures pending.
Iteration X – Questionable use of vulgar Hyperscience (infiltration). Explanation of coma-event pending.
Progenitor – Full report on usefullness of biochems pending.
New World Order – Commendation on use of procedures and decision-making under sub-optimal conditions.

Results: Complete Success
Casualties: 0
Requisition Clearance: C (non-lethal apparatuses only) Non-Lethal Force Only authorized.
Agent Status: 1 Incapacitated (Cyborg in 2-week coma), 3 Agents Operational

Full Report: pending



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